Water damage is a constant threat to any homeowner. While it is possible to significantly reduce the vulnerability a property has to water damage, many homeowners will fail to implement effective waterproofing measures for their property.

Close Gaps

One of the most effective ways of preventing water damage from occurring to a home is to ensure that there are no exterior gaps that can allow the water to enter. These gaps can form from panels shifting positions, cracks forming, or even punctures forming in the exterior surfaces. Luckily, closing these gaps will not be particularly difficult as you can use all-weather caulk to close them. However, finding them can be a challenge as you will need to thoroughly evaluate the entire exterior of the building. Due to the amount of labor involved and the difficulty with assessing the higher areas of the home, a professional exterior waterproofing service may be best equipped for handling these needs.

Improve Water Drainage

Water pooling along the base of the home is another common cause of water damage occurring. When water is allowed to pool in these areas, it can start to seep into the foundation and basement of the home where considerable damage can occur. Unfortunately, this is one of the threats that will often be the most overlooked by homeowners. However, you can help to prevent this from causing damage to the home by investing in a high-quality drainage system. In particular, you should pay attention to the downspouts from the gutter system as this can be a common source of water pooling around the base of the home, but installing better drainage or gutters to carry the water away can limit this risk.

Apply A Waterproof Sealant

Having a waterproof sealant professionally applied to the home will potentially provide the home with comprehensive protection. In addition to keeping moisture from being able to enter the home and cause damage to the interior, these coatings can also protect wood exteriors from rotting and limit the risk of metal corroding. These coatings will dry completely clear so that they will not impact the overall aesthetic of the home. However, this can also make them difficult to apply as you can easily miss a spot without it being obvious. Missing even limited areas of the exterior can significantly reduce the protection that this coating is providing the home. Professional exterior waterproofing contractors can avoid this problem as they will have tools that can make it easy to spray the entire exterior with this coating.