It's frustrating to have a patio in your backyard and not be able to use it because of the hot sun beating down on it all day. Your options are to use a sun umbrella, install an awning, or have a roof put over your patio. Of these, a roof is the best option. Here's why you should consider having a roof put on your patio and why aluminum is a good roofing material choice.

Why A Roof Is Better Than an Umbrella or Awning

An umbrella only covers a small portion of your patio. You might enjoy shade over a lounge chair or table, but an umbrella isn't large enough to cool down the patio. An awning is a possible option, but if you choose one made of fabric, it will have a much shorter lifespan than an aluminum roof. In addition, awnings are not as sturdy so they can be damaged in high winds. You may have to take the awning down in the winter or when a storm comes so it doesn't get damaged.

An aluminum patio roof is permanent and sturdy. It will withstand storms and sun exposure without deteriorating. A roof that covers your entire patio blocks the sun so the entire patio stays cooler during the day, and you won't have to hug an umbrella to stay out of the sun. Since a roof is permanent, you could even install lights or a ceiling fan under the roof to enhance your enjoyment of your patio.

Why Aluminum Patio Roofing Is a Good Choice

Aluminum is the perfect material for a patio roof. It offers some fire protection and it reflects the sun to keep the patio as cool as possible. Plus, unlike other types of metal, aluminum doesn't rust. The roofing is powder-coated at the factory so the color lasts a long time and the roof never needs to be painted. It won't need much maintenance either since aluminum is so durable.

Another roofing option for a patio is wood. Wood is heavier than aluminum and it's subject to damage from woodpeckers, insects, and rodents that climb the roof. Plus, wood decays and the paint peels, so you'll have more ongoing maintenance with a wood roof than if you choose to have an aluminum roof put on your patio.

An aluminum roof is a carefree way to have permanent shade on your patio so you can enjoy the outdoors even when the sun is beating down and the weather is hot and humid. By protecting the patio from UV rays, your patio furniture will last longer and you can enjoy being outside without having to apply sunscreen since you'll be under a protective roof.

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