When it comes to the doors for a commercial building, there is no one door that will be installed everywhere. Different uses require different types of doors. That is why a commercial glass and door company should be consulted and engaged. A professional can recommend the right door for the right use. But what are those uses?

Building Entrances

Many corporate offices want to look open and inviting. To do that, a heavy, steel door just won't work. Glass provides visibility into the building and comes in many different heights and widths. Glass entry doors can also be different for different purposes. Some common ones include:

Double, sliding glass doors – these are often used in retail stores where there is heavy foot traffic and minimal security requirements. The main foot traffic is the consumers, so there is little need to determine who is coming and going.

Single, secured doors – a glass security door still looks welcoming but has the added benefit of requiring that a person identify himself or herself before entry.

Revolving doors – these are used to increase traffic flow into a building while minimizing the amount of heating or cooling that escapes each time a door opens.  These doors can be compact or massive, depending upon the number of people you need to move in and out, and they can be motorized or manual.

Internal Doors

Doors that are used inside a building have different requirements. Often, these doors are going for a certain aesthetic, acting more as a divider between rooms and hallways. You can find various types of glass for these doors, such as clear, opaque, smoked, white, or blacked out. You can even get one-way glass or specialty items.

The locks on these doors can be just enough to keep or door shut or more robust with keys, keypads, or even electronic locks.  If you need to have visibility of who is going into what area, you can even get smart locks installed that can interface back to a central point of management.

Designs that use interior glass doors may be looking to promote an open floor plan feel or a sense of transparency within the building and organization, or they may be used to comply with particular company rules on open-door policies.

Finally, commercial codes specify what types of glass can be used for interior and exterior doors. These codes are difficult to decipher for someone not in the industry. Commercial glass door repair services can help you comply with codes and choose the right doors, and they can provide follow-up assistance should you have new door or glass repair needs.