The great part about living and traveling in your RV is that you can see the sights at different destinations without leaving your home behind. Unfortunately, although you can travel to some warm and mild winter destinations, you still might encounter low temperatures at night or during a cold snap through the daytime. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to make your life a bit more comfortable inside your travel trailer or RV. Here are some great ways you can keep your interior space warm and comfortable when you are RVing while living in a cold climate this winter.

Propane Supply Service

In an RV the most essential part of keeping a comfortable rig is having a supply of propane for your needs. The propane tanks within your RV will provide you with the fuel your RV needs for heating your water when you are staying in a location without hookups. The propane also powers your stove and oven for cooking meals. Most importantly, your propane will power your furnace to keep your RV warm when the outside temperature drops. 

When you are staying in an RV for any period of time, you will know that the exterior insulation of your trailer is not the best and will need a regular supply of heat, which you can do with access to a propane refill station. Anytime you want to park your RV more long-term, be sure you sign up with a larger capacity propane tank outside your trailer or RV, which you can order regular propane refills to provide the fuel to your RV. 

With access to a local propane company, you can take your RV tanks for a refill whenever they get low. You can also ask about a delivery service for propane.

Underside Insulation

The underside of your RV or trailer is exposed to the elements and is a big variable when it comes to regulating your RV's interior temperature. When the temperature outside falls and the cold air flows below the space under your RV, it can pull the interior heat by making the floor cold. 

However, if you add insulation to the sides of your RV to insulate the underside space of your RV, it will keep the floor warmer and help the interior stay and feel more warm. You can add a custom built insulation or make your own with a tarp covering that is cut to fit the profile of your RV's exterior.