You invested your hard-earned money and time into an antiquated home because you simply adored its dated charm. However, there are some things that have to be revamped to be functional enough to suit your modern life, but there are certain features you really have to handle carefully so you don't lose their appeal. In a vintage home with multiple stories, few things are quite as alluring as the staircase. In the midst of making those changes with the help of a remodeling contractor, there are a few things you can do to maintain the vintage integrity of your old home's staircase. 

Keep the handrail if at all possible. 

The handrail is one of the first things you will notice about a stairway because it is usually one of the most decorative features. Old homes are pretty notorious for offering handrails that have intricate hand-carved wood components, and there is no way you will want to eliminate these features if you can save them at all. If there is any way to do so, the contractor can arrange for the handrail to be refinished or even recreated if it is far too damaged to save. Just communicate your wishes during the planning phase of the project. 

Avoid covering the wooden steps with another material. 

The wooden steps take the brunt of the stress on an old staircase. Therefore, it is common to have to refinish them or even replace some of the steps in an older home. If this is a project you are facing during a remodeling project, make sure you avoid the potential desire to replace the wooden steps with another material. Wood simply screams traditional home design, so doing too much to change that personality can compromise the vintage integrity of the staircase. 

Keep the focal points the same. 

No matter what type of staircase it is that you have in your older home, it is bound to have a few focal points that draw the eyes to the area. The focal point of your stairway could be a landing halfway through where the staircase turns or a window just about halfway up with a view of the backyard. Any of these focal points should be retained as much as possible. Sometimes, just the slightest changes can eliminate these focal points and make the stairway look completely different. For instance, if the surrounding wall has a molded trim along the staircase and you remove it, it can detract from how the space attracts the eye.

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