If you have a septic tank in your yard, you need to be concerned about pest problems. You might not realize this, but your septic tank can be a magnet for all types of pest infestations – including mice, rats, and roaches. If you've discovered any type of pests crawling into your home through the drains, chances are good that they're coming from your septic tank. Here are four steps you can take to get rid of the pest problems inside your septic tank.

Service the Septic More Frequently

If you've got pests living in your septic tank, you need to have your system serviced more frequently. Most people limit their servicing to about once every three to five years. However, if you're dealing with a pest infestation, that might not be often enough. As soon as you see an increase in pest activity around your drains, schedule a clean with a septic tank pumping company. Once you've had it emptied, maintain a routine schedule for service.

Clean Drains With Each Service

If you've got pests in your septic tank, chances are good that they're also in your drain pipes. Unfortunately, if you don't clean those drains, the pest problem will continue, even after you have the tank pumped. One way to avoid that problem is to have your drains cleaned each time you service your septic. Drain cleaning will remove all the pests that are seeking safe haven inside your pipes. It will also ensure that any remaining waste residue is flushed through to the septic tank for removal.

Replace the Clean-Out Drain Caps

If you're seeing an increased presence of pests coming up through your household drains, it's time to replace your clean-out drain caps. The clean out drains can be an easy access point for pests to crawl through to your septic tank. Replacing damaged cleanout caps will remove that access point.

Inspect the Septic Tank Covers

If your home continues to experience an increased occurrence of pests around the drains, have your septic tank covers inspected the next time you have your system serviced. Your septic covers could have small cracks that are allowing pests to gain access to your septic tank. New tank covers will protect your septic system, and keep the pests out.

Don't get stuck with pest problems. Use the tips provided here to get rid of the pests that are residing inside your septic tank.