If you have moved into a new home with a ductless air conditioning system or have recently had one installed, you're probably wondering how to maintain it. Maintaining a ductless air conditioner is very easy, and mostly requires cleaning the air filters and ensuring that the outdoor unit has adequate airflow. However, some components of a ductless air conditioner, such as the coils and the conduits, are difficult for a homeowner to properly clean and inspect. These need to be serviced by a professional. In order to keep your ductless air conditioning system running smoothly, follow these three steps.

1. Clean the Filter in Your Indoor Air Handlers Monthly

Like a window air conditioner, the indoor air handles in a ductless air conditioning system use filters that need to be periodically cleaned — you don't need to replace them unless they are damaged. You'll need to clean the air filter in every air handler at least once a month. If you own multiple pets, you may find that the filter quickly clogs with dander and needs to be cleaned more frequently.

In order to clean the filter, you'll first need to turn your entire ductless air conditioning system off and wait for the indoor air handlers to cool down. Once they're cool to the touch, open them and pull out the filter — you usually have to pop the filter out by depressing a tab on the air handler. Clean the air filter using a vacuum, removing all the collected dust and debris. If you need a deeper cleaning, you can rinse the air filter in running water. Make sure it's entirely dry before you place it back in the air handler.

2. Keep the Outdoor Condenser Unit Free of Debris

Ductless air conditioning systems tend to be much quieter than both window air conditioners and central air systems, so it can be easy to forget that your outdoor unit exists! However, it does need to be maintained along with your indoor air handlers.

To keep the outdoor unit in your ductless air conditioning system running smoothly, you'll need to make sure it's not covered in debris. This ensures that air can correctly flow into the unit. Don't let leaves or small branches collect on the outdoor unit. During the winter, make sure it's not covered in snow. If debris collect on the inside of your outdoor unit, you'll need to clean it. Turn the unit off entirely and then rinse it gently with a garden hose until it's free of obstructions. Let the unit dry out before you turn your air conditioning system back on.

3. Have Your Ductless Air Conditioner Professionally Inspected Twice a Year

A professional will examine the condition of the conduits that run between the inside air handlers and the outside condenser unit. If these conduits are leaking or are blocked, it can cause refrigerant to leak out of the system. It can also prevent the condensation that forms in the air handlers from properly draining to the outside of your home. Leaking or blocked conduits can cause serious damage to your entire ductless air conditioning system if they're not promptly caught, so it's important to schedule regular professional inspections.

You also require a professional to clean the coils in your indoor air handlers and apply an anti-microbial spray. The condensation that builds on the coils allows mold and bacteria to grow freely inside your air handlers unless they are regularly cleaned by a professional.

Overall, maintaining your ductless air conditioning system is a simple task for any homeowner — you only need to keep the outdoor condenser unit free of debris and periodically clean the filters inside the air handlers indoors. For the tasks that you can't do on your own, such as cleaning the coils and inspecting the condition of the conduits, call a professional air conditioning maintenance company. In order to keep your ductless air conditioning system running smoothly, have it professionally inspected at least twice a year in order to catch problems before they have the chance to harm your air conditioner.

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