Winter is coming. If you have a well, it's time to start making those cold-weather preparations. If you're expecting the temperatures to drop into the freezing range, this is particularly important. Your well can't bring water to your home during the winter if it freezes over. Here are four steps that will prevent problems with your pump this year.

Have a Backup

When you depend on your well, you need to be prepared for emergency situations, especially when it comes to your submersible well pump. Your pump may be working perfectly fine right now, but that doesn't mean it will stay that way all winter long. To make sure you're prepared for those emergencies, have a backup pump ready for action. Being prepared with a backup will allow you get your system up and running more quickly should your primary pump malfunction.

Insulate the Pipes

If you haven't insulated your pump system pipes yet, now's the time to do that. If your well pipes freeze, you're not going to get any water to your home. Not only that, but those frozen pipes could burst, which will put your well out of commission for quite some time; not to mention the cost associated with those repairs. Before you experience your first winter freeze, insulate all the exposed pipes that are connected to your well.

Install a Heating System

If you want to make sure that your well and submersible pump will be able to withstand even the worst freezing temperatures, install a heating system in your pump house. Your heating system should include heat tape on your vulnerable pipes, as well as either a heat lamp or a space heater. When installing space heaters and heat lamps, keep them away from anything flammable.

Keep the Pump House Door Closed

The pump house door is often overlooked during the winter. Unfortunately, leaving it open to the elements will increase the risk of pump damage. Protect your pump by ensuring that the pump house door is kept closed all winter long. One way to do that is to install an automatic shutting mechanism on the door. That way, it will automatically shut each time it's opened. Don't include an automatic locking mechanism though. You could accidentally find yourself locked into your pump house.

Avoid winter pump problems by following the tips provided here. In addition, you should also have your well system inspected before winter arrives. Contact a local well company like Modern Pump & Equipment for more information.