You turn on the faucet to fill the sink and the water comes out in barely a dribble. You step in the shower to get clean and the water pressure is so low you can barely get the shampoo out of your hair. Even your washing machine is acting funny because it fills up so slowly. Unfortunately, problems with low water pressure are one of the most common types of complaints from those who draw their household water supply from a well. If you are having issues with poor water pressure, you are bound to be ready for a solution. Here's a look at some of the reasons your well water pressure may be too low. 

Is your well pump at the correct setting?

Whether you have a submersible or deep jet well pump, the pump will have a knob or way to adjust the outgoing water pressure. In some cases, especially with older model well pumps, adjusting the output flow will require something like turning a small screw on the motor. Check out the manufacturer's guidelines for the pump that you are using to determine how to adjust the flow output if you have never adjusted it. 

Are there holes in the delivery lines from your well pump?

If there are holes or abrasions in the water delivery line that are coming from your well pump, it could easily cause problems with lowered water pressure. You will lose some of your water while it makes its way to the house from your well, so it is only natural that pressure will be compromised. Go outside and take a look at the areas around the water delivery lines. If these lines are underground, you can usually spot leaks by looking for wet and soggy areas or patches of grass that are growing greener and taller than the rest. 

Is the water level in your well too low?

Low water levels in a well can most assuredly cause issues with low water pressure. For one, the low water level will prevent the well pump from drawing in enough water with every pumping cycle to completely fill the outgoing lines, which means you may even have spitting and sputtering from the pulled-in air when you turn on your faucet. Additionally, low water in the well can mean that the well pump needs to be reseated just to reach the water level inside. 

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