If you want to add interest to a deck and improve the look, consider installing wood deck lattice. Deck lattice also hides unsightly features, such as posts, keeps animals from deck, and it creates a hidden storage space. Follow these steps to add wood deck lattice.

Prepare to Install the Deck Lattice

To install deck lattice, gather:

  • work gloves
  • eye goggles
  • ear protection 
  • tape measure
  • carpenter's level 
  • pry bar
  • galvanized three-fourths inch flat wood screws
  • galvanized deck screws or staples
  • 3 and ½ inch corner brace, 4-inch T-plates, and 6-inch mending plate
  • hinges
  • circular saw
  • miter saw 
  • drill and drill bits 
  • five 2 by 2  pressure treated and 1 by 4 boards
  • lattice and molding

Ensure no animals are living under your deck. Shine a light underneath, and try running a hose to flush them out, or call a wildlife removal service. If there is old lattice, use a pry bar to remove it.

Build the Frame 

Measure the distance between the support columns or posts, and deduct one-half shorter than the width and one- inch from the ground. The frame should not sit even with the ground to prevent buckling. Set a half-inch lumber scrap to mark spacing above the ground.

Lay the lumber on a work table or between two saw horses. Mark measurements on the lumber, trim the frame pieces using the circular saw, and cut one center stile from the 1 by 4 board. Add a corner brace and a mending plate on each corner. 

Install the hardware one-fourth inch from the edges, and fasten them with the deck screw. Install load-bearing uprights at four-feet intervals for widths more than four-feet across.  

Attach the center stile to the frame using the T-plate and ¾ inch screws. Place the plate one-fourth inch from the edge, then set the frame aside. Make a frame for each lattice piece.

Install the Lattice

Cut the lattice molding to fit the space, sloping where needed, and leave room for a door, if applicable. Use the miter saw to trim corners. Trim the lattice pieces to fit the frame with a quarter inch gap on all sides between lattice and edges to allow for expansion. 

Lay the lattice panels in the molding, drill evenly spaced screw holes, and cut the door opening, leaving a one-fourth inch gap on each door side. Secure the framed lattice to the deck using hinges, attaching them to the frame first, working from the corner of the deck to the middle. 

Lift the lattice until it fits tightly against the deck with the pry bar, Secure the lattice and door to the deck using the hinges. If you need help, contact a home builder or construction professional near you.