Fence installation is one of the most popular residential home remodels because it is affordable, yet it has a huge impact on the look of your property. Also, fences can often be self installed, making them a popular remodel for DIYers with the ambition to take on a rewarding DIY project. While many modern fences are made using low maintenance synthetic materials like vinyl or fiberglass, there are still many great reasons to invest in a traditional wood fence. This article explains why wood is still such a great fencing material.

The Style of Wood is Second to None

Most people simply prefer the style of wood over any of the other options. This is true when consider that even the manufacturers of synthetic products make most of their fencing product with fake wood textures and prints. So, they are basically trying to make their products look more like wood. If you are interested in the unmistakable style of wood, you certainly won't want a substitute. Vinyl and fiberglass with wood prints don't look nearly as good as the real thing.

Wood Can be Changed

Another great thing about wood, when it comes to aesthetics, is that it can be refinished. A wood fence can be painted or stained many times over its lifetime. You can constantly update your fence to keep it looking fresh and new. While some people will simply reapply the same stain, others will completely revamp the look of their fence every few years by applying a completely new color. This is great if you are the type of homeowners who is always updating the colors and styles on the outside of your home.

Wood is Not That Hard to Keep Up

Wood is also not that hard to take care of. Whenever you refinish wood, you are essentially restoring the water resistant finish. So, if you are changing the stain anyway, you will also be reinforcing the wood. The strength and lifespan of your stain depends on many factors. If you live in a wetter climate, you will probably need to refinish your stain more often. However, most stains will last over 5 years, so it is not a project you need to worry about on a yearly basis.

In the end, wood is still a very durable and reliable fencing product. Even though there are newer, more modern products, it is hard to beat real wood fences. Contact a company, like City Wide Fence Co, for more help.