Renting a crane for a heavy lifting job is often the best way to ensure you can get whatever you are lifting to its desired position safety. A seasoned crane operator can use the crane to pick the load and place it just about anywhere but you have to work with them to help guide the load into place. The load will have to be rigged properly as well and the crane company or operator may require you to have riggers on site that can do that properly.

Renting The Crane

In most cases, if you need a crane for a lift, it will come with an operator and maybe a support crew. Depending on the size of the crane, it may even arrive on your lift site in pieces that have to be assembled. Take the time to talk with the crane company about the lift, including what you are lifting, how much it weights, how far away is the spot it needs to be placed in and what the time frame is. If you give them all the information, they can tell you what size crane is needed and go over all the details with you.

Be Prepared To Start Early

If you have a crane coming to your job site for a lift, you need to make sure that you are ready when the machine arrives. The hourly rates can be very high and you don't want to be paying for an operator and machine that are just sitting on the location waiting for you or your crew to be ready. If the crane has other jobs that day, you may miss your window of opportunity if you are not ready as well. If you can have your rigging done, the site clear and ready and your crew on site ready to work before the crane arrives, it can save you time, money, and the headache of having to reschedule

Rigging The Load

Rigging is an important part of any lift and if you do not have any experience with it, you may want to hire a rigging crew. The load has to ride properly on the crane and if does, the load could fall or come loose on one side leaving the load swinging and dangerous. Rig it right the first time, even if means hiring a rigging crew to get that done. Keep the riggers on the site during the lift if you can as well. It is not uncommon to make adjustments on the load during the lift.