When it comes to residential remodels, a simple paint job is one of the easiest and most effective investment you can make. Rooms like the kitchen and bathroom need to be repainted more often than other rooms. Painting is an especially smart investment if you are able to do the work yourself. Painting is one of the most manageable DIY remodels because the tools are cheap and easy to work with, the labor isn't too demanding, and you don't need any special training. However, you do want to make sure you choose the right supplies for your project. This article compares satin paint with low gloss paint. It should help you decide which is best for each room in your house.

Satin Paint is Great for Kitchens

Satin paint is right in between low gloss and high gloss paint when it comes to the sheen. Some paint brands don't have high gloss paint, with satin being the shiniest option. Usually, satin is much more subtle than a high-gloss paint. But, it is slightly thicker and shinier than low gloss paint. This has a number of advantages. First of all, it makes the walls easier to clean. Second, it offers more protection to the wall, and it generally lasts longer than low gloss paint.

Some people still don't like satin paint because there will be a slight glare from the lights, and they just don't like the shine that it puts off. But, satin paints are often necessary, especially in rooms like kitchens or bathrooms. Some building codes require that you use high-gloss paint in bathrooms to protect against the moisture. However, satin will usually do the job, and there usually aren't any such rules for kitchen paint. Satin is definitely strong enough for kitchens. The glossier surface will protect against moisture, and enable you to easily clean your any grease or food stains.

Low Gloss Paints

Most people choose the glass paints just because they like the subtle finish. Low gloss paints seem to blend in more naturally on textured drywall. It is also nice because it is cheap and easy to paint over. Since low gloss paint is thin, you can repaint your walls several times without actually altering their texture.

In conclusion, satin paint can work great in any room, but you should probably use it in kitchens and bathrooms, even if you don't love how it looks. If you prefer, use low gloss in all your bedrooms, hallways, and living rooms. Contact a kitchen remodeling service for more information and assistance.