Enjoying your hot tub on a cool day or when you need to unwind is the ultimate. However, if you don't make an effort to keep your hot tub clean, you won't be getting much use from it. Make sure you don't just understand why it's important to keep your unit clean, but also how to go about accomplishing this goal.

Importance Of Cleanliness

To be as straightforward as possible, cleaning your hot tub is important because when you let the water remain for an extended period, it simply becomes gross. Unlike cold water, hot water more easily extracts makeup, oil, dirt, and other contaminants that rest on the skin. 

Once removed, they float around in the water. For a period, your chemical water balancer will keep the water clean, but eventually, the number of contaminants in the pool will outweigh the ability of the cleaner. At this point, the tub becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, which festers in the water, multiplies and leads to itchy skin, rashes and other discomfort.

Cleaning Tips

Develop A Schedule

Don't make cleaning something you do only when you think about it. Create a cleaning schedule. How often you use your unit will offer the greatest indication as to how often you should clean. For instance, if you only use your hot tub occasionally, you might be able to get by with only cleaning it a couple times a year. However, if you use it more often, such as once a week, you might need to clean it every three months; check your owner's manual for further guidance.  

Don't Forget The Cover

Make sure you're also cleaning the cover. When you place the cover over the hot tub, it's not uncommon for it to come in contact with the water. Whatever is growing in the water will also grow on the cover and when you place it back over the tub after you've cleaned it, you will only re-contaminate the water. A good bleach and water mixture is generally enough for cleaning.

Keep Yourself Clean

If you really want to keep your hot tub cleaner, try to start with clean skin. While you don't have to perform a deep scrub down before getting in the water, if you can minimize the amount of lotion, makeup, and other products you have on your skin, this can help. If you know you're getting in your hot tub later, try to avoid putting these products on. If you can't, at least hop in the shower and rinse yourself off first.

If you're having a hard time keeping your hot tub clean, a repair technician can assist you. Don't hesitate to ask for assistance. Contact a company like Kaupas Water to learn more.