If you've just purchased a weekend country home, and it has an old red barn on the grounds, then you might be tempted to tear it down. However, it might be a better idea to salvage the barn. It is a very rare to have an old and authentic red barn, so don't call in a demo team because it has a collapsed roof, or because you don't imagine that you are ever going to be a farmer. First, you don't need to be a farmer, you can use the barn as a workshop for woodworking, or even to work on your car if you don't want to get your normal garage or driveway dirty with oil. Plus, when it does come time to sell your property, a beautiful red barn is a big seller. Here are some things you can do to salvage it.

Replace The Roof With Copper or Tin

If the main problem with the barn is that the roof is collapsed, then you have a great opportunity to replace old asphalt tile with copper or tin. Because the roofers will have to start anew with brand new decking, it's not an issue to install a completely new roofing material. If the barn only had a few bad sections, then you could simply have them spot repaired and fresh asphalt tile put on. However, a brand new roof job is going to let you start from scratch. If you have the money, then a copper roof is a fantastic choice. Not only do these last longer than asphalt shingles, and require less maintenance, they also look beautiful. If you don't have the money for copper, then a great alternative is tin. One of the interesting things about a tin roof is that it will start to rust. While this is bad on the one hand because it will eventually ruin the tin, it also adds a super cool and authentic look. If you drive out into the country, you will see many old faded barns with rusty roofs. When you do want to fix the rust, you can hire a roofer to get up there and paint it with a rust converter paint that will stop the spread of the rust. But, in the meantime, it will have a very beautiful patine that is worthy of a postcard.

Red Vinyl Siding

If the siding needs to be replaced, you should definitely pick vinyl. You can get vinyl siding that looks exactly like the wood planks that were originally used in the barn creation. The advantage to vinyl is that it will not rot like wood. With wood, you will need to do constant touch up with paint. Vinyl, on the other hand, never needs to be painted. If you want to make it look bright again, you can have someone come in and power-wash it.

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