Having a home with a dome roof can be a dream come true for many individuals. However, it is an unfortunate fact that new homeowners often are not very well informed about the maintenance needs of dome roofs. To help you avoid some potentially damaging oversights, you will want to be mindful of the following several basic tips for caring for this style of roof.

Keep the Gutters Clear

The gutters on your dome roof are of critical importance. Many new homeowners do not realize that water running off the roof and striking the soil around the base of the house can expose the foundation to a higher risk of suffering damage because the water can erode the soil and damage the foundation. This can be particularly troublesome for dome roofs because the water can achieve high speeds as it drains down the roof. By making sure to clean the gutters every few months, you will be able to prevent the water draining off your dome roof from damaging the foundation of the house.

Regularly Look for Water Damage Around Skylights

It can be common for dome roofs to have skylights in them. Unfortunately, skylights can be prone to developing leaks, which homeowners may not spot if they are failing to regularly inspect around these windows. By looking for signs of water stains, molds or mildews, you will be able to determine if this problem is present. To make sure that you catch these problems before they have the opportunity to cause serious damage to your house, you should check these windows at least twice a year. If you notice these potential warning signs, you should immediately contact a dome roof repair expert to check the skylight and surrounding parts of the roof for damages.

Inspect the Roof After Severe Storms

Many homeowners are under the mistaken belief that a dome roof is not at risk of suffering roof damage during thunderstorms. While it is true that these roofs are typically more aerodynamic than other options, they can still suffer extensive damage if they are hit with a strong gust of wind or pelted with hail. In particular, the wind may be able to rip off some of the shingles or cause them to become misaligned. When this occurs, moisture damage can quickly start to develop. To keep your home safe from this type of damage, you will want to thoroughly check the roof after any storms that produce strong winds or large hail stones.

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