You may have selected metal roofing for your home because of its very long lifespan. By taking care of the material, you most likely won't have to replace the material while you are living in the home. Cleaning the metal roofing material each year will be an essential step in making it last a long time. While the weather is warm, follow these tips for cleaning the metal roofing.

Gather The Supplies

Cleaning metal roofing doesn't require many supplies. All of these things can be purchased at your local home improvement store.

  • Putty Knife
  • Trisodium phosphate
  • Scrub brush

Clean The Corrosion

You'll have to inspect the roof for potential corrosion, because metal can rust when it's exposed to water. To prevent corrosion from getting worse, treat any rust spots that you notice on the roof. It helps to use a putty knife with a flat blade to scrape it away.

Mix Your Cleaning Solution

Creating a simple cleaning solution is easy. Start with a bucket filled with water (2 gallons) and then add trisodium phosphate (1 cup). If you have a big roof, double the mixture in a bigger bucket so that you have enough cleaning solution to do the job.

Scrub Down Your Roof

Next, you'll need to go on your roof and start cleaning. Dip a scrub brush in the cleaning solution, and scrub down the entire roof. It helps to apply the cleaning solution liberally, then scrub it all away. This helps remove all the dirt, as well as kill potential mildew and mold that could be growing on it.

If you want the job to go faster, you can use the same type of scrub brush and extension handle for washing a car. You can reach further up the roof without moving from your ladder, which also makes the job safe for you to do.

Rinse The Roof

Use your hose to rinse off the entire roof after scrubbing it down, which helps remove the residue left behind from the cleaning solution. Start at the peak of the roof and work towards the bottom. It will help wash the dirt away as the water rinses over it. If you have a power washer, you can use it to apply more pressure to the roof to clean away the dirt.

If you don't feel up to the task of cleaning the roof on your own, know that there are local roofing contractors, such as Nelson Contracting, LLC, that can handle the job for you.