After spending so much time designing your custom home to perfection, the last thing you want to do is cause damage to your home that you will then have to deal with. With careful preparation, you can move your belongings into your new home safely.

Have A Floor Plan

Create a floor plan that includes where each piece of furniture will go. Then, you can immediately move your furniture into the appropriate room efficiently, reducing the odds that you will bump into and damage something.

Prepare For Moving Large Furniture

Large pieces of furniture are the most likely to cause damage to your home. These include couches, beds, and dining room tables. Before moving these belongings, make sure to measure doorways and hallways to make sure that they will fit through. Move slowly when you are transporting these pieces of furniture through doorways. Make sure you have a lot of friends or family members to volunteer to help when moving these large items because they will sometimes be awkward and heavy, increasing the chances that your furniture will collide with something else and cause damage. If possible, dismantle large objects both so they are not so heavy and so they are easier to fit through doorways.

Use Blankets And Cardboard

An easy way to move furniture is to slide it across the floor. However, a problem with this approach is that sliding furniture across the floor can cause it to become scratched. Placing blankets underneath your furniture can help you avoid damaging both the furniture and the floor and will also make it easier to move your furniture. If you have extra blankets, drape them over bannisters and other exposed, hard objects that your furniture might bump into. Cardboard is another alternative for protecting the floor.

Perfectly Pack Your Boxes

Make sure that all moving boxes are perfectly packed. Even if a box seems harmless, if it suddenly comes open, your belongings might spill onto the floor and damage it. Make sure that you use an adequate amount of tape to hold your boxes closed. Use enough padding within the box because this not only protects your belongings, but also protects the floor if the box is dropped onto the floor.

Many of your belongings, if they become damaged in the move, can easily be replaced. However, some damage that you may have done to your custom home can be expensive to repair, so make sure to follow these precautions.