If you want to remodel an old kitchen cabinet system, one of the best investments is to buy new doors and drawer fronts. If you think about it, most cabinets are plain boxes, with the decorative doors and drawers defining the style. So, if you change them, you can change the look and feel of the entire cabinet system. You will have your doors made by a professional cabinetmaker, but with a few basic tools, you can hang them yourself to reduce the cost of the project. This article explains how to remove cabinet doors and install new doors.

Producing The Doors

While you can install the doors on your own, you will need to have a professional cabinetmaker come to your house and measure your cabinets so the replacement can be made to the right size. To make your job easier, you could have the hinges installed on the doors in the factory before they are delivered to your home.

Removing the Doors

Removing the doors is easiest if you actually remove the screws that attach the hinge to the face frame. If you are going to install new hinges, you don't have to worry about taking them off of the door. Most hinges will be attached to the face frame with two screws. With a cordless power drill, you can remove them in a matter of minutes.

Hanging the Doors

Once you have your old doors removed, and your new doors ready, you just need to hang them onto the face frame of the cabinet. This part of the job takes patience and skill with a level. You definitely need a two levels to make sure the doors are properly installed. You might need to sets of hand to level the doors. The trick is to secure one screw into the top hinge and then get out the levels. Hold the door with the hinge placed on the face frame until it is level. Then, when it is perfect, make a mark with a pencil inside the screw hole. At this point, you can put the level away and then secure a screw right where the mark is. Double check that your doors are level before attaching the next two screws.

As you can see, changing the doors on your cabinet is relatively simple. However, you'll be surprised how much it drastically changes the entire style of your kitchen.