Have you noticed rust around your windshield? If so, it is a matter that you should take seriously. Rust issues that are not promptly taken care of can lead to a number of problems such as making the area around the windshield weak from the corrosion. This means that you could be at risk for the windshield caving in and causing an accident or injuries.

Do not be fooled by the size of the rusted area.

Some people make the mistake of thinking that a small rust spot is not a big issue. This is misguided thinking because the area that you can see is surface rust. This means that it is possible that there is more rust underneath that, and it is probably spreading. Sometimes the underlying area gets severely damaged by rust, and it may cause bubbles in the surface paint. The bubbled portion may later deteriorate and flake away exposing the rust damage. 

Get rusted areas inspected by a windshield professional.

This is important because you may have a rust issue that is just beginning. Professionals may be able to offer a temporary fix such as sealing the rusted area with silicone if it is not extensive. You will still need to have the issue repaired at some point, but this protective measure will allow you to have extra time if needed.

Understand that rust issues must be remedied before windshield replacement can occur.

Perhaps you know that your windshield is going to need to be replaced due to damage such as a crack. The rust issue will need to be fixed at the time of the replacement or before. This is because some rust problems can make it impossible for professionals to correctly place the rubber seals that hold windshields in position inside their channel respective channels. If forced into place, the seals likely will not be able to securely hold windshields, which means that the weak installment could pose a safety risk.

Know your rust risks.

If you had a windshield replacement performed by non-professional, it is possible that they did not use the correct techniques. This may have contributed to moisture issues that caused the rust. It is also possible that actions you took after the replacement caused the rust issues. For example, you may have washed your vehicle prematurely. This could have interfered with the drying process. It is generally safe to drive vehicles after a replacement, but in many cases, consumers are advised not to wash their cars until after a certain amount of time has elapsed. These are things that you would need to mention to a professional when you take your vehicle to be inspected.

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