The typical construction method in North America is a balloon-framing method. This is an affordable and reliable way to build a home, but this setup may not protect you from certain dangers, such as summer storms and intrusions. This is why many homeowners choose to build safe rooms in their homes. This can keep your family safe when there is a storm or keep you safe if your home is broken into while you are home. It can be costly to build a panic room, but here are some tips to help you build your own affordable one.

1. Choose an Area That Already Has Reinforced Structures

 When you are building a safe room in your basement, you have many options for starting your project. You will want to find an area of your home that already has reinforced concrete walls to work off of. This can be an area with walls that are at full ceiling height and are the length of one or more of the sides of your shelter design. You want to choose an area that is below the grade level and not near any windows. You can add extra reinforcement to existing walls with concrete or blocks.

2. Use Block and Steel to Reinforce the Walls of Your Safe Room

The strength of your safe room is important, so you will want to have a wind-resistant design for any new walls that you add. This can easily be done with blocks, which should be reinforced with steel bars. In addition, you can also use steel plates to add strength to your project. This can be good for adding hollow steel doors that can provide you with a stronger door for the room or area. If you use a hollow metal door frame, have it welded to the structure. If you don't use steel plating, this may require leaving some bars exposed in the block.

3. Consider Including Basic Commodities within the Safety Zone

In addition to the safety room, you may want to include some commodities like a bathroom and resources to cook or prepare food. This can be done by including these features in the design of your safe room or near the safe room. You may want to consider reinforcing walls near the safe room with plywood, fiberglass, and other structural reinforcements. This can give you more commodities for your safety area but isn't as costly as doing everything in a concrete or block design.

These are some tips that can help you build an affordable safe room. If you are ready to start adding a safe room to your basement, contact a home renovation contractor such as Maxwell Construction to get the help you need.