An estimated 37% of American households are occupied by renters. If you are among those who rent your place of residence, finding ways to add personality to your home can be challenging. Many landlords have restrictions in place that prohibit painting or kitchen remodeling, so you need to find creative ways to add character to your rental home.

Here are two simple ideas you can use to help you customize your rental kitchen without breaking the rules.

1. Add some new hardware.

If your rental kitchen's cabinets and drawers have knobs or handles, you can easily swap out these elements for some that reflect your own personal sense of style.

All you need to do is count up the number of knobs and drawer pulls you need and purchase some new hardware from your local home improvement store. Since you won't have the added cost of updating the entire cabinets, you will likely be able to splurge on some high-end hardware that will add elegance and drama to your kitchen.

You can take your new knobs and drawer pulls with you when you relocate and use them in your next rental kitchen as well. Just be sure to put the old hardware in a safe place so you can reinstall the pieces when you are ready to move.

2. Create a faux backsplash.

One of the easiest ways to add interest to your rental kitchen is to add a custom backsplash to the space. While you might not have the luxury of permanently installing subway tiles or mosaic glass in your rental kitchen, you can use removable products like vinyl or peel-and-stick tiles to reproduce a high-end look.

Start by measuring the area (length multiplied by width) of the wall between your countertops and cabinets. Head to your local home improvement or craft store to find some materials that speak to your personal sense of style. Carefully measure out your materials, and stick them up on the wall.

When you are ready to move you can just remove your faux backsplash to return the rental kitchen to its original condition. As an added bonus, a faux backsplash will help protect the walls in your rental kitchen from discoloration or staining as you cook in your kitchen.

Finding simple ways to add personal touches to your rental kitchen can help a rented house feel more like a home. Try swapping out the cabinet hardware or adding a faux backsplash to help your rental kitchen reflect your personal decorating style.