If you are a well-water user, conservation is even more important for you than for people on a municipal system. Reducing your water usage is particularly important during times of drought. During a dry season, your well can cause problems, often because the water level drops below the well's submersible pump, leaving you temporarily without water. You can reduce the likelihood of this happening if you take some water-conservation measures. 


One of the biggest water suckers in the summertime is your lawn. In times of severe drought, you may need to give up watering your lawn completely. You can help  preserve water by leaving your grass clippings on the lawn instead of collecting them in a bag. These clippings form a mulch that keeps the moisture on your grass. Experts also recommend that you do not cut your grass shorter than three inches tall. Without enough protection, any water on the ground will evaporate too quickly. Keeping the grass longer can make it healthier as well.


During hot, dry times, you probably want to take a cooler shower than you do in the winter. Using less hot water cuts down on your fuel bills, of course. However, if you shorten your shower, you are saving on water usage, up to 150 gallons a month for lingering just two minutes less under the water stream. If you are accustomed to using your shower to wake you up or as a refuge from the world, consider taking a brisk walk instead. You'll benefit from the exercise and help preserve the water levels in your well.

Rain Water

One way to reduce your usage is by collecting rainwater from your gutters. Every drop of rain during a dry time has to be utilized to the max. You can use this water for tasks that do not require drinkable water. For instance, you can water your plants and your grass with it. You can also use it to wash your car or anything else outside. You do need to cover the water with a screen to fend off mosquitoes. Standing water can be a danger in that way.

Summertime can easily cause you to use more water than you do in other seasons. When you are experiencing dry conditions or a full-blown drought, this issue looms large. By reducing your well-water usage, you help prevent your well from malfunctioning. By reducing your strain on the water table, you are benefitting the environment as well. 

If your well has gone totally dry, there's probably not much you can do. Contact a company like Hudson Valley Drilling to have a new one constructed, and remember to utilize these tips with your new well too.