Installing an automatic gate can be an excellent option for enhancing the security of your property without needing to get out of your car each time you want to enter or leave the property. However, automatic gates will be subjected to a number of sources of wear and tear. As a result, you may need to use the following maintenance tips to help keep your automatic gate safe from some of the more common forms of damage and problems.

Keep The Gate Treated For Pests

Insects and small animals may be attracted to your automatic gate system for shelter. Unfortunately, these pests can cause substantial damages to the internal components of the gate. However, having the gate treated by a professional pest control expert can help you to minimize this risk. These professionals can apply chemicals that will deter these pests from occupying portions of the gate system. For the best results, you will need to have the gate professionally treated every few weeks as these chemicals will wash away due to the rain or weaken due to the temperature swings.

Prevent Sprinklers From Getting Your Gate Wet

If you enjoy keeping your yard well landscaped, you may have sprinklers that water your grass and the various plants around your property. Unfortunately, these sprinklers can pose a risk to your gate system. The water from these sprinkler systems can cause the gate to corrode and it may wash away some of the lubrication. To avoid these issues, you should make sure to position your sprinklers so that the fence is out of the reach.

Have The Gate Professionally Serviced

Some homeowners may underestimate the need to have the automatic gate professionally serviced. While it may not seem like this would be a particularly serious mistake, the gate relies on an assortment of mechanical parts to operate. Over the course of time, these components will need to be tuned to ensure that they are properly aligned. Also, dirt, dust and grime can gather on the moving parts, which can inhibit their movement. By having the gate serviced by a professional each year, you can help to ensure that these issues are addressed before they are able to cause serious malfunctions with the gate.

Automatic gates can be a great security upgrade for your property, but if you do not maintain them, you may find they are more prone to suffering problems. For those who have recently installed an automatic gate or purchased a home with one, making sure to have the gate treated for pests, keep sprinklers away from it, and have it serviced each year will help the gate to avoid some of the more frequent issues that may be encountered.

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