Your roof is exposed to more of Mother Nature's fury than any other part of your home. While asphalt shingles are designed to cope with the stresses posed by the weather, they do not protect your home as well as other options such as metal roofing. While you might pay more initially to install a metal roof, you will save more money in the long run by reducing your cooling and your maintenance costs.

Cutting Cooling Costs

As the sun beats down on an asphalt-shingle roof, the asphalt in the shingles will absorb heat from the sun. In this way, shingles can easily reach temperatures of 150˚ on a sunny summer day. While the insulation in your home will help to keep most of this heat out, heat gain through your roof is still one of the main ways that your home heats up during the summer. Metal is naturally reflective, so it will deflect much of the sun's energy before it has a chance to heat up your roof or your home. In this way, metal roofing can reduce your cooling costs by up to 25%

Minimizing Maintenance Costs

If you live in an area where you have the risk of hail, high winds, or snowfall, asphalt shingles are not your best option. Hail can puncture asphalt shingles and/or scrape off the protective granules that coat your roof, high winds can rip shingles off of your roof, and heavy snowfall can build up on your roof and create the risk of roof collapse. While hail may dent metal roofing, it will not puncture it. Also, metal is affixed to your roof with screws, so it can withstand heavy winds better than shingles. Lastly, snow will slide off to the low-frictions surface of metal roofing before it has a chance to build up and pose a risk to the structural integrity of your home. For these reasons, maintenance costs are lower with a metal roof than with asphalt shingles. 

Many homeowners focus on keeping initial costs down as evidenced by the popularity of asphalt shingles which cost less than metal roofing. When it comes to roofing, however, you have to spend a little money in order to save money. Metal roofing is worth the extra cost because you get better performance from a metal roof than you would get from asphalt shingles. Do yourself a favor and focus on saving money over the life of your roof rather than simply focusing on keeping installation costs down. 

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