Do you find yourself staring at your ceiling, wishing that it didn't show damage, cracks, or stains? If you want to give your plaster ceilings a fresh face, talk with remodeling contractors for smooth, beautiful ceilings once more, or you may want to try some do-it-yourself ideas to give your ceiling some distinction. Talk with home improvement retailers to find the best options for your distinct ceiling, style, and budget.

Some alternative strategies to revitalize and enhance plaster ceilings include:

  1. Suspend a new ceiling. Use a suspended-grid system to completely transform your existing ceiling. You can use mineral fiber panels to fit in the grid, to compose your new ceiling. This also allows you to choose how high your ceiling will be; you can suspend as low as you want to within a couple inches of your existing ceiling with a grid-panel system.
  2. Hit it with some wallpaper. Wallpaper isn't just for walls; you can cover your ceiling with wallpaper for a cool, intricate look that also covers up any stains or cracks that may have compromise the appearance of your plaster. Consider giving the entire room, walls and ceiling, a fresh face with a funky-patterned paper.
  3. Panel with tin. Tin panels not only cover up any blemishes on the ceiling, but they give your room a cool, vintage aura. When working with plaster, you will first need to secure some furring strips for the nails to attach to first. Then use one-inch nails to secure the tin panels in place.
  4. Wow with some wood paneling. Cover your existing ceiling with wood paneling for a distinctive look that will improve and enhance your whole room. Consider using tongue-and-groove style planks that will fit together and create an intriguing, handcrafted look.
  5. Install some medallions. A ceiling medallion is a feature that can be installed over your plaster, and that draws attention to your light fixture or chandelier, while camouflaging any wear or tear on your ceiling. Simply use a urethane adhesive to secure the medallion to your ceiling.

These tactics can improve the look of your ceiling, which in turn, will make your entire home look fresh and new. Family, friends, and visitors will admire the enhanced look of your home, while wondering what and pondering how you achieved it. Talk with home improvement retailers about the best options for your ceiling, and to find out more about costs and installation options. 

To learn more, contact a plaster repair company.