If you're like many home owners, you take care to secure your home with alarm systems and locks. However, you might forget to keep your attached garage door safe as well. In order to prevent burglars from gaining access to your home through your garage, use the following tips to keep your garage door secure.

Use an Opener with a Rolling Code

One way to keep your garage door secure is to make sure that you have a remote door opener that has a rolling code feature. This kind of garage door opener is pre-programmed with a number of codes, and a new code is used each time the door opens. A burglar using a code-grabbing device to open garage doors will have a harder time with your house, as your door's code is always changing. 

Don't Leave the Remote in the Car

Many home owners leave the remote opener in the car. However, if someone gets into your car, they might have an easier time of getting into your garage as well. If you do have a remote, choose a key fob so you can always have it on your person.

Forget the Remote Control

You may want to give up a remote door opener altogether and have a keypad installed to open your door. You can use a special PIN to get into your garage, thwarting anyone trying to use a code-grabbing device.

Consider a Metal Door

Metal garage doors can sometimes be harder to break into than wood doors. Reinforced metal doors make entry even more difficult. Luckily, there are metal doors that can be made to look similar to wood, if you prefer the way that wood looks but want the extra security of metal.

Think Twice About Windows

If you happen to be shopping for a new garage door, think twice before getting windows on the door. Windows can be easily shattered, and they can also provide any passerby a look into your garage so they can see whether there is anything worth taking.

If you really want windows on your garage door, ensure that they are shatterproof. You may also be able to put frosted or mirror window films over the windows so that you can allow light into the garage without allowing people to see inside.

Secure the Door When You are Away

When you go on vacation or plan to be away from your home for more than a few hours, take steps to keep your garage door closed and your home safe. For instance, you might want to disconnect the door opener so that it is more difficult to force open. You may also be able to put a padlock on the opening track, depending on what kind of garage door you have.

Now that you know what you can do to secure your garage door and your home, use the tips above. You might also want to check with a garage door installation company for more options about how your door can be kept secure. Visit a website like http://www.americaneagledoors.com for more information.