This summer has been brutal on both old roads and new roadway repair. With extreme heat extending for several days throughout the country, the roads begin to buckle. When a road buckles, it cracks and shifts in an attempt to release pressurized stress caused by trapped hot air from underneath. The unfortunate part for roadway construction crews is that this can happen to new construction just as easily as old roads, which means that the crews have to go back and repair the fresh construction. If they do not, the buckling roads can affect you in some very unexpected and unpleasant ways. 

Links in the Same Chain Reaction

Summer heat buckles the roads. The buckled roads get worse, causing the tires of your vehicle to jar you over the pavement. If left unchecked, the buckling continues, the jarring causes vehicles to lose control going over the buckled areas, and you end up in a nasty accident. If you do not want to be a link in a chain reaction, make sure you report a buckled or buckling road right away to the nearest road construction crew. Chances are, they are busily working the same long stretch of road and they can block off the problem area you discovered.

Damaging Your Vehicle

Given the science behind buckling asphalt, it should not surprise you when you are rolling smoothly over the road and it seems like you suddenly hit a pothole. Potholes are not instantaneous, but buckling asphalt is. Sometimes all that is needed to force a stretch of road into buckling is a heavy vehicle or two. When your vehicle is the one that delivers the final crush to an area that was going to buckle anyway, your car could be severely damaged. Some people have a tire explode while others lose a tire and bust a drive train. If this does happen to you, stay with your car, call the police and call a tow truck. The police will use traffic cones to redirect traffic around the buckled road until repair crews can fix it or patch it.

Personal Injury

In the event that the buckling road was quite significant and it caused you to become injured, you cannot sue for your injuries. You may be able to sue the city for damages to your car, but since the city and/or construction crews cannot predict when and where the roads will buckle, you may find yourself several dollars short from all of the legal fees and none of the expected compensation.

If you know of a road that needs repairs, contact Bituminous Roadways, Inc.