If you have sliding glass doors leading out to your patio, you should consider having opening patio doors installed in their place, by a company like Fas Windows and Doors. There are many benefits that come with patio doors that you just won't get with sliding glass doors. You can learn about a few of the benefits of having your sliding doors replaced with opening patio doors in this article.

Patio doors are safer than sliding glass doors

Sliding glass doors are much easier for a burglar to break into. They can be popped open from the outside or forced open with a pry bar without much work. Since most sliding glass doors are on the backside of homes, it makes them a big target for those looking to break into a house.

If you install patio doors that open toward the outside, someone won't be able to pry them open. They also won't be able to be kicked in or forced inward for them to gain entry into your home. If you install patio doors that open inward, you can have a steel rod installed at the top of the door to reinforce it and make it more difficult to be pushed in.

You can open regular patio doors wider

If you have sliding glass doors, you can only open them half the width of the door space. Patio doors can be fully opened. This allows you to get more of a cool breeze in your house. It also gives you more room to move large items through that entry way.

Patio doors are more aesthetically pleasing

There's not too much you can do to make your sliding glass doors look nicer. However, patio doors come in many different styles and this gives you the ability to find a style that goes with your outside landscaping and the inside of your home. You can go with wood doors with elaborate designs, full glass patio doors, or doors with many small windows framed in thin pieces of wood.

You can save on your heating and cooling expenses with patio doors

While it is possible to get double paned sliding glass doors, and even have them tinted, installing well-insulated patio doors will still provide your home with extra protection from extreme weather conditions. This will help make your home more comfortable and save you money.

Patio doors are easier to maintain

If you have pets or small children, you may find it extremely hard to keep sliding glass doors clean and free of pet slobber and children's finger prints. Wood patio doors won't require the regular cleaning glass doors do.