Are you getting ready to build a deck, a fence or other outdoor installation? Are you still trying to decide what materials you'll be using? When comparing building materials, here are some reasons why you should consider using cedar lumber:

Rot and bug resistant: Unlike other types of wood, cedar is naturally resistant to decay. Cedar oil is a well-known non-toxic pesticide that works to kill a wide variety of insects and has long been used to repel clothes moths. Because this oil is naturally contained in cedar lumber, a cedar fence or deck will last for substantially longer than similar untreated wood. In addition, lumber that has been pressure treated to resist insects and rot may have a strange chemical scent, while cedar lumber's natural oils have a smell that most people consider to be pleasant.

Sound resistant: If you've ever seen man-made soundproofing materials, you may be aware that it often takes the form of a honeycomb or latticework of foam cells. Cedar lumber has microscopic air pockets running through the wood, making it similar to man-made soundproofing materials. This means it can be ideal for a fence in an area where you want to block out or deaden the impact of a noisy neighborhood. 

Resists warping: As you are no doubt aware, many woods will warp or swell in high humidity. Fortunately, the same doesn't apply to cedar lumber. It may swell slightly when very wet, but this swelling is seldom noticeable. Instead of having to deal with things like stuck fence gates after it rains, you'll easily be able to open and close them.

Resists shrinking: Wood may also warp as it begins to dry out, following installation. In cedar lumber, the same air pockets that help to make it sound proof also help it to retain the same size and shape as it begins to dry out. This property will also help the wood to retain nails used in building your project, instead of allowing them to pop out as may happen when other types of wood are used.

Beautiful colors: Many people consider cedar lumber to have an extremely attractive unfinished appearance. Although you can stain cedar wood to enhance the different tones that it contains, you don't have to. After a while, cedar lumber weathers to an attractive gray color. Unlike vinyl building materials, which may require special paint, if the silver gray color of weathered cedar doesn't fit with your home's style, you can easily paint it an entirely new color. To find out more, contact a company like Rocky Mountain Forest Products.