You filled up your tub with warm water, took a nice bubble bath, and then unplugged the drain when you were ready to get out. After drying yourself off and getting yourself dressed, you went back into the bathroom to hang up your towel and noticed that the water in the bathtub was still sitting there. A clogged tub can occur when hair and soap scum goes down the drain, sticking to one another and preventing water from flowing through the way that it should. With the help of a plumber, you can have this problem resolved quickly.

The Unclogging Process: What to Expect From Your Plumber

When the plumber gets to your home, there are a few steps that will need to be followed to ensure that your bathtub starts to drain properly again. Here's what you can expect the plumber to do while handling your bathtub:

  • Remove the stopper. If you have a stopper, the plumber will need to reach down into the water and carefully pull it out. If you don't have one, this step gets skipped.
  • Remove the overflow cover. The plumber will first need to unscrew the overflow cover and then detach it from the bathtub. While pulling it out gently, a pileup of hair and other icky debris should come right out with it, which may have been the main reason your bathtub wasn't draining right.
  • Remove hair and scum. If there is a buildup of hair, the plumber will pull it off and wipe the overflow cover off to make sure there isn't anything left on it.
  • Place the overflow cover back on. After cleaning it off, the overflow cover needs to get screwed back on. You'll notice the plumber will need to carefully insert it to avoid causing any damage to the springs that are attached to the cover.
  • Check if the water drains. Because the hair was removed, the water inside the bathtub should start going down smoothly. If it doesn't, the plumber may need to place a snake down the drain to determine what else is preventing the water from going down correctly.
  • Place the stopper back into the drain. After clearing the clog, the stopper can get placed back into the drain opening. If you don't have a stopper, you may want to consider getting one to keep as much hair from falling into the drain opening as possible.

After taking a relaxing bath, you probably didn't feel like dealing with a clogged tub. In most instances, a clogged bathtub is a quick fix for a professional plumber. The plumber will be able to remove whatever it is causing the clog, such as hair, and will make sure the problem gets solved before leaving. If you have other plumbing issues, a professional plumber like those at or your local plumber can help you assess and fix the problem.