Iron falls somewhere in-between lucrative metals like zinc and less lucrative metals like aluminum. If you are looking for extra money and do not want your iron to go to waste, you will need to sort the iron from the rest of your metals. There are also other ways you can maximize how much you earn from your iron.

Place Each Type of Metal in a Separate Container

Before sorting through iron, think about any other types of metals you would like you sort. Scrap yards will usually take several types of metals, but you will want to sort them by type so that you can fetch the highest possible price. Create several bins and label them with each type of metal that you plan on recycling. You will want to sort the iron beforehand because scrapyards will usually not allow you to sort iron at the door. By not sorting the scrap metal, it will be classified as the least expensive metal that is in the load.

Separate the Iron from Everything Else

The iron should be separated as best as possible from other materials because the scrapyard will not pay as much if they have to do the separating themselves. Also, if your pile has too many things that cannot be purchased by the scrapyard, you risk having the scrap pile completely rejected. You also risk having the metal purchased from you as shredder-grade. This is the lowest grade.

Identify Iron Using Magnets

One of the benefits of iron is that it is magnetic. Therefore, you can use a magnet to differentiate the iron from other metals. However, there are other metals that are also magnetic including tin and lead. Lead has a dark gray color. Tin is bendable and creates a crackling sound when bent.

Clean the Iron Before Selling It

If the metal has rust on it, this is a sign that it is iron. Iron is usually heavier than other metals. It is also very strong and is a very commonly used metal. By separating clean iron from dirty iron, you will earn more money from the pile of clean iron. Dirty iron will have rust, mud and other contaminants. If you can remove the dirt, you can improve the value of the scrap iron. You should perform any cleaning at home because most scrapyards will not allow for you to clean the metal on their property.

Place Ferrous Metals in the Back of Your Truck

Unloading the ferrous metal from your truck first will usually speed up the process of having your metal assessed. Therefore, you should place the ferrous metal at the back of your truck.