Some people limit themselves when it comes to landscape design. They turn their primary focus to trees, plants, grass shrubberies, and other types of foliage. Although these natural elements can make a property have a beautiful and orderly appeal, you can get more out of your landscape by including hardscape elements to it. This is ideal for visual appeal, but it also will allow you to take advantage of enjoying the beauty of natural elements. Continue reading to learn ways to make your landscape unique.

Ornamental Elements

These are objects that can be strategically placed throughout the landscape. Placing too many of them in different areas can affect the visual balance of your landscape and make it appear cluttered. You can choose from elements that are as simple as wind chimes to more complex options, such as figurines made from glass or concrete.


If you adore art, including sculptures in your landscape can make it have an artsy and elegant appeal. You may wish to select a sculpture option that includes a waterfall if you have enough space for it. Sculptures come in a variety of finishes. Choosing the most appealing color for your sculpture is about more than personal preference, especially if you have flowers incorporated in your landscape. Pairing hues correctly can create a dramatic effect. Keep in mind that vines also pair well with sculptures. 

Architectural Elements 

These hardscape elements help to make your landscape more interactive. For example, you may choose to have a small bridge to lead to a pond on your property. Some people also choose to build playhouses for their children that closely resemble the main house. If you do not have children, you could consider adding a pagoda to create a similar effect. 

Entertainment Features

Perhaps you have plans to entertain guests at your home. Rather than doing so inside, you can use your landscape as the scene for entertainment. If you enjoy cooking, create a space that allows you to cook outside. You have the option of having an area that is fully functional and includes everything you need to prep meals outside with little or no trips back into your home. You may also wish to set up an area where your guests can watch the "big screen" outside. 

A landscape architect, like from Landscape Perceptions, is an ideal resource to use if you are planning to incorporate hardscape elements into your landscaping. They can use their skills to ensure that the selected elements blend well and have a balanced look. They may also be able to locate rare finds on your behalf as well as acquire the assistance of other professionals if you have specific requests. For example, you may want a sculpture that is an original piece rather one that is mass produced