Keeping your building secure from unwanted individuals can be a difficult task if you do not consider each access point to your building. Making some changes to your location can help reduce these risks if you know your most vulnerable spots. It will take some time to make the changes you need, but the additional security is worth the effort.

Create a Vestibule

If your building has only one front door, you have a weak spot within your location. One option is to change the structure of your entryway so that potential burglars need to go through two sets of doors. Creating a vestibule with two entry points gives your alarm company an advanced notice before the thieves can enter the main floor of your location.

This vestibule consists of an exterior and interior door. Both doors need adequate locks, and you want both set of doors wired to the alarm system. The exterior door is there to slow thieves down by making them stop so they have to break open the interior door before they can reach your merchandise.

If building a vestibule is not an option, then you at least need a strong security gate that is on the interior of your entryway. The gate allows you to have two access points that can stop most potential burglars from getting into your building.

Secure Roof Materials

Another weak spot for several businesses is the flat roof of their building. Problems happen when you install a new roof access panel or change the ventilation shafts, but you forget to monitor and repair other roofing issues.

Flashing that is broken or warped around these spots are a potential boon for thieves. Burglars look for any weak spot within a structure that they can use to get into your building. For example, if the flashing around your access panel is failing, thieves can use a pry bar to push the panel to the side, thus making their own entrance point into your building.

To prevent this from happening, you want to consult a commercial roofing company, like Kramer Wm & Son Inc. The company will evaluate your roofing materials and let you know which areas are vulnerable. The company may also notice other issues while they inspect your roofing materials, such as rotted wood that thieves can cut away to create a bigger opening into your building.

When securing your building, you have several options. The problem that you may encounter is that your location has vulnerable areas that do not have adequate protection. Taking a close look into these areas will help you find the problems, so you can create a better security plan for your building.